Coach bio

A passionate movement geek. I began my PT training with the aim of providing an accessible, non-intimidating route for clients to find their way into better health through a fun and active lifestyle. 

It is my firm belief that every individual has the right to health-promoting movement as an enjoyable feature of a life well lived.

My fascination with movement began in my teens, originally working with racehorses, the ultimate evolved athletes. I took this to university where I studied for a degree in Anatomical Science, my special interests were biomechanics, locomotion, exercise physiology and neuroscience.

After a decade working in academic fields, first research, then teaching, I realised that my true passion still lay in movement, specifically Arabic dance and I turned my hobby into my vocation when I trained as an Arabic dance teacher and founded Scarlet Lotus Dance.

My special interest in pregnancy and birth began in my own first pregnancy. First I started teaching Arabic dance for pregnancy, and from there I decided to train as a perinatal yoga teacher and doula, to better support women in their understanding and care of their changing bodies in the childbearing year.

Through dance teaching I have learned about how movement can improve an individual's relationship with their body, their self esteem and confidence. Personal training is another way for me to bring this to a broader range of people, by helping them find ways to build activity and fitness into their lifestyle, and love the process.

By contrast I am also a strength athlete. I discovered the joy of picking up very heavy things when I became a Personal Trainer and started to compete in raw powerlifting in 2017.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes joint pain and instability, along with a host of systemic issues and fibromyalgia. I train to improve the function of my joints through good alignment and strength, and to improve my chronic pain and fatigue. I regularly write about the process on my dance and fitness blogs.

It's very important to me that fitness is accessible to as many people as possible. I am an Adaptive and Inclusive trainer and I work with individuals with limb impairments, seated ( and wheelchair) trainees, individuals with neurological disorders and special learning needs.

I am diagnosed with severe combined type ADHD - Many of my clients are neurodivergent too!

As well as dance and yoga, my fitness interests include powerlifting, kettlebells, strongman, HIIT, pilates, hiking, CrossFit, trail running and martial arts. 

My PT credentials