Schools and youth wellbeing

Healthy schools make healthy lives.

Promotion of health and wellbeing is an essential requirement of schools. Not just because it contributes to OFSTED ratings! Healthy children  learn better and are happier. Teaching children how to care for themselves and manage healthy lifestyle choices sets them up to become healthy adults.

I can support your school or youth organisation by providing workshops, seminars and teaching materials to improve your students' understanding of crucial life skills and wellbeing strategies.

Workshops and seminars for school health

Whether it's PHSCE, assembly or a health themed day/week, I can offer workshops and interactive talks to engage your students on topics such as nutrition, exercise, recovery and stress management.

Getting an outside facilitator into school adds a new dynamic and perspective for students adding value to the great material I offer.

Get in touch and we can discuss themes and an arrangement to suit your school.

I travel all over Somerset, Bristol and Bath.

Get a specialist health adviser in your school

I'm a qualified secondary teacher, with over 10 years of classroom experience, as well as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have enhanced DBS.

Teaching and learning materials

As an addition, or for those outside my region, I can provide teaching resources to support your school's health programme.

I can offer:

To support your PHSCE programme, assemblies or school-wide campaigns.

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The right mindset

All of my work encompasses my ethos of total wellbeing. This means a body positive mindset and a focus on fitness and feeling good.

Support for youth sports and organisations

If you are coaching a youth sports team, or involved in running a youth activity group, I can provide specialist support for fitness, health and nutrition education.

I can visit groups for in-person sessions, or provide tailored resources as above.