Exercise with EDS

Are you one of the many people with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder who wants to be more active, but can't find a way in?

Hypermobile individuals are encouraged to exercise to improve their health and manage their conditions, but many find that mainstream fitness is inaccessible or results in injury.

In this book I cover some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding exercising with hypermobility, chronic pain and fatigue.

My aim is to break down the barriers that prevent otherwise healthy individuals from participating in an active lifestyle.

Included in the book is a 12 week introductory programme, specifically designed to encourage healthy range of motion, stability, balance and co-ordination. Links to video demonstrations of all exercises, and complete workouts, are included in the book.

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I have also created email support for the 12 week programme. You'll get weekly emails with information, links and tips for getting the most out of your programme.

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