Corporate Health

Healthy offices make successful businesses.

Progressive corporations understand the importance of their employees' health. Healthy workers are more productive, more creative and need less time off sick.

You can show your employees that you value them and their wellbeing by introducing company wellness programmes.

Wellness for your staff

If you are looking to implement or add to your employee well being programme, I can offer seminars and activities to get your staff on a healthier track.

I am also available to consult on staff well being policies and help you to bring easy to implement changes that build a healthier work environment and improve staff morale.

Call or email now and let me know what you need. 

07827 336 814

Mailout packages

Looking for a quick and affordable solution? I can provide packs of email information, tailored towards health and wellbeing for your staff.

A series of email or flyer content that includes nutrition and fitness advice, to distribute amongst your workforce.