Functional as F**k

Are you living with latent awesomeness?

Is there serious badassery in you, waiting to burst forth?

Are you done with being told to exercise to look better when you want to feel better, perform better, live better?

Forget the fat loss goals, forget "toning", "waist whittling" and bikini diets.

I decided that I was ready to give the finger to the culture of fitness that says it's all about trying to look how someone else wants me to. I decided I wanted to be Functional as F**k, and now you can join me.

You deserve workouts as fierce as you are, so I've built them for you.

Strength workouts that incorporate a cardio element to condense all that great stuff into efficient and manageable chunks.

Workouts using only one piece of equipment at a time (dumbell, barbell, kettlebell, suspension trainer) or no equipment - so you can get down with your bad self wherever you happen to be, home, gym, at the park, at parties, wherever.

You get a full plan, showing you how to progress through the 18 workouts to keep them challenging as you get fitter. You get both descriptions of the workouts, and links to video demos, so you'll know exactly what you are doing.

I'm also giving you nutrition and lifestyle tips to support your workouts and make sure you get the best results.