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Your pathway to better health, one simple step at a time.

Have you been trying to "lose weight" for what seems like forever?

Are you taking part in diets and regimes that seem to get results then rebounding and putting all the weight (and more) back on again?

Have you considered that the problem might not be you?

"Quick fix" diet and fitness plans don't teach you the skills you need to live well, feel good and sustain healthy body composition. The diet industry is trying to seduce you into a toxic relationship of punishment and frustration with your body. That stops now.

A thorough programme that's simple to follow at your own pace.

If you want to get a healthier body composition, feel better and most importantly, stay that way, you need to mount a several pronged attack!

I know that for many people, diet and exercise alone won't cut it. So I've built you a multifaceted, but easily managed programme that addresses all of the common barriers to weight loss and healthy living: Diet, activity, sleep, stress and self-esteem. You'll work through these in phases, mastering simple habits that add up to make enormous changes. For good.

I also know that while some people will come to this programme with a moderate level of fitness, some will be coming from a background of little to no exercise, from injury/illness recovery or having lost fitness after yet another over the top regime failed you. 

So there are two workout levels for you - level 1 is Couch to Capable - getting you up and moving, building joint stability, basic strength and cardiovascular capability. Level 2 is Active to Fit, taking you the next step and into above average fitness. Like the lifestyle side, the workout programme builds in phases, progressing gradually and allowing you to work at the pace that feels best for you.
Kash Salem,
Jan 6, 2018, 9:12 AM