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Looking for direction? Wanting a more affordable alternative to online training - or something to keep you on track in between blocks of training?

These complete programme packages are designed to give you guidance and get you on track towards your fitness goals.

Free Living Fitness, lifestyle plan

Fed up with weight loss clubs, crash diets and punishing exercise regimes?
This plan is your perfect antidote.
Good habits, built slowly for a lifetime of health and happiness, lifestyle changes you can achieve and enjoy.

Free living Fitness, Movement plan

Ready to build regular exercise into your lifestyle? 
Want to try some classes, but worried you might lag behind?

This progressive exercise programme will help you build your strength and cardiovascular fitness, with a variety of workouts that fit your needs.

This plan is the other side of the Free Living Fitness coin, and can be followed to complement the lifestyle plan, or on its own.

Exercise with EDS

Does your body bend a bit much and sometimes break?

Would you like to exercise more, but find you're not quite ready for a general class?

In 12 weeks you can develop strength, healthier movement patterns and learn how to manage chronic pain with exercise. 

This programme uses general Corrective Exercise principles while also building balance, body awareness and general fitness.

Functional as F**K

Want to get strong, powerful, fast and graceful?
This is the programme for people who want to become more physically capable through good, practical, functional training.

Prepare for power


Interested in powerlifting?
Want to test your strength potential?
Not sure where to start?

This programme is designed to set up your body for some serious lifting. I'll set you up with the mobility, movement patterns and initial strength necessary before you embark on a full power programme.