Online training

Are you looking for flexible access to the expertise of a personal trainer?

Do you want an effective, structured exercise plan that is achievable, easy to follow and yields great results?

If you want to train with me, but are too far away, can't make regular appointments or just want a great value, affordable way of accessing the expertise of a qualified PT, then you can try one of my online options.

Your plan includes weekly coaching time that we can flexibly use to train live, talk through your progress, learn new movements, carry out progress assessments or evaluate performance.

A trainer in your pocket

Do you want the full guidance and support of a personal trainer, with the convenience of online access and extra affordability?

This plan offers many of the benefits of one to one training with me, minus the in person consultations and training sessions.
  • Full initial consultation
  • 30 minutes weekly coaching/check in
  • Personalised training plan
  • Programming to fit your preferred ways to exercise
  • Weekly consultations via Zoom or phone
  • Priority IM support
  • Nutritional advice
  • Healthy living advice
  • Monthly subscription
Subscription - £97pcm

Coaching spots are limited and access is via application:

Hybrid training

If you aren't local, but would like to travel for occasional training with me, or if you prefer to train without a coach, but would like a regular session to check form or learn new exercises for your programme, I offer a hybrid training model.

Exclusive to individuals on a subscription plan, you can book a one off training session with me for £35.

Nutrition based coaching for health, weight loss and athletic performance

Want a rounded fitness experience? I don't just do exercise!

Consider me your project manager for health and fitness.

I offer support in developing healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Help with losing weight and keeping it off. Sports nutrition to give you that competitive edge. Troubleshooting your daily routines to iron out the issues that might be holding you back and preventing your body from performing at its best.