Pregnant or postnatal?

Personal training for pregnant women and new mums

Exercise during pregnancy to:
  • Gain vitality
  • Prevent back pain
  • Manage weight gain
  • Have an easier birth
  • Improve your baby's health
  • Reduce risk of gestational diabetes 
  • Reduce labour duration
  • Improve body confidence
  • Sleep better

If you are expecting a baby, or recovering from having one, exercise is medically proven and recommended for the benefit of you and your baby!

As well as being a qualified Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer, I have several years' experience as a Perinatal Yoga teacher and I have supported numerous women through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood as a doula.  My rare and multifaceted perspective on the childbearing year which I use to help you be healthy and well throughout - with in depth understanding of everything from PGP to active birth, babywearing to Natural term breastfeeding.

Exercise after pregnancy to:
  • Reinstate core strength
  • Enhance mood
  • Correct posture
  • Strengthen pelvic floor
  • Improve stamina 
  • Reduce risk of postnatal depression
  • Manage weight
  • Feel confident
Staying fit and well during pregnancy and beyond

You can train with me in the environment you find most comfortable; in person at home or in my studio - or you can train online with me, location and distance no object!

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