Semi-private training

Due to the unpredictable nature of Covid restrictions, I am not currently offering semi-private training.

Looking for a way to make personal training more affordable?

Or maybe you just enjoy working out better in company, whether for camaraderie or competition!

Group personal training is a great option that gives you the individualised support and exercise planning of one to one personal training, but allows you to share the cost of in-person training sessions by training with others.

You can join up with a group of friends, or sign up for a place on one of my current, or future groups.
Interested in group training?
Let me know
07827 336 814

Groups can be mixed, or specialised for people with similar goals or backgrounds, here are a couple I have in the pipeline, but do let me know if there is any type of group that you would like me to run.

Groups have 3-6 participants, each working on their own individual programmes in a supportive group.

Group training takes place at the 40+ Fitness studio, an excellent, private space with lots of equipment. Full Covid precautions are in place.

Strong mums

Get strong, functionally fit and confident. Fun and friendly sessions, I build activities around your favourites, including kettlebells, dumbells, barbell, bodyweight and animal flow.

Not just for mums, but this group has mums in mind. No worries about childcare, training sessions happen during school hours.

Great if you want to improve your general fitness, for fat loss, or just to feel more lively and healthy.

I'm a Postnatal Exercise specialist and Corrective Exercise specialist, so you're in the best hand as we use empowering strength training to correct the movement issues that arise after pregnancy and birth.

Strong mums at home
After a successful trial, I now offer Strong Mums semi-private training online. 

Young hearts

Retired and ready to take some time for your health and fitness? Prepping yourself for keeping up with the grandkids? Determined to age disgracefully?

Staying fit as you get older can present challenges, but I'm a Senior Fitness Specialist and I'm here to help.

Your own programme aimed at maintaining general fitness, balance, muscle mass and bone density, training regularly in a small group of individuals with similar goals.