Corrective Exercise

  • "Weak" ankles?
  • "Dodgy" shoulders?
  • Low back pain?
  • Recurrent knee injury?

You're not alone.

In my time working as a personal trainer I have found that nearly everyone has some kind of postural alignment issue or movement dysfunction that affects their comfort, health or sports performance.

Office work takes its toll on your back, shoulders and pelvis. Pregnancy changes the mechanics of your body in all kinds of ways. Repetitive movements from sport or lifestyle lead to imbalances in musculature that place stress on joints or cause other parts of the body to misalign in a chain reaction. Injuries lead to compensations or reduced movement that becomes habit long after they heal. Chronic conditions like hypermobility or proprioceptive issues form habits that lead to repetitive injury.

So how do we move forward from this?

Fear not! Most movement dysfunction in entirely reversible with the right kind of training! You can reduce your risk of repetitive injuries like ankle sprains, ACL tears and shoulder impingement by using exercise to adjust your mobility, strength, co-ordination and neurological input.

Optimal movement means better performance too, which is why I apply Corrective Exercise principals to everyone I work with, powerlifters, dancers, mums, seniors..... 

What is corrective exercise? 

Corrective exercise is a proven system of progressive programming that aims to remedy the cumulative results of stresses placed on the body, helping to restore and maintain posture, balance, mobility, and stability. This allows the body to move freely and without pain or risk of injury.

The process begins with an assessment of your movement patterns, joint mobility and muscular balance. Then we work on freeing up chronically tight/overactive areas to allow proper joint movement. When the joint can move freely, we are able to work on activating and strengthening underactive muscles before building integration into functional, whole body, movements.

My work is primarily preventative - I help people move better so their bodies work better for them and stay safer. I don't treat injuries, in that case I would refer out to a physiotherapist. However often an "old injury" that still "plays up" is, from a medical perspective, healed; in this case I am perfectly placed to help retrain the nervous system to stop "protecting" the area by restricting the movement, and then build up strength and co-ordination, which both improves the joint in question and any areas which experience referred pain or dysfunction.

Online and in-person training

I love working in-person with clients and Corrective Exercise consultations are easier in-person, as there is no substitute for seeing a person "live" when assessing movements. Some assessments also require a more "hands on" approach.

However, I am really excited to be be introducing a corrective exercise system for online clients which means I can provide personalised programming wherever you are. I can also work with your local physiotherapist to create a programme based around their assessments.

You can work with me for a 12 week block, including assessments, check ins and flexible programme to suit your needs as you progress. After this period you can expect to see an improvement in movement, posture and performance.

All of my personalised programmes for one to one personal training clients contain an element of the Corrective Exercise process.

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