Welcome on board!

It's great to have you!

We're going to start the process of building healthy, strong functional movement patterns really soon.

Your 60 day plan will start once your personal programme has been created. In the meantime, there's some things I need you to do:

1) Download the manual! This document explains the process we will be working through, and offers some general tips to be getting on with.
2) Complete the assessment questions - I will use this to make sure your programme is achievable and appropriate for you.
3) Watch this video - then video yourself as per the instructions, send me the video at kashsalem@gmail.com or through Whatsapp.

4) Add me on Whatsapp - 07827 336 814, you can contact me there with any questions.
5) Follow my page on Facebook - I can also be reached there, and the content may be helpful.
6) Join my fitness community on Facebook - it's a safe space to chat.
7) Get your hands on the kit (there's not a lot) you need - it's in the manual.

I'll be in touch soon! The assessment and programming process takes a few days, but I'll have some suggestions along the way so you can get going.